Hi! My name is Maru Gil and I have been teaching Spanish since 1994. In addition to Spanish being my native language, I studied Spanish language and teaching in college. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and a master’s degree in Education, as well as a post-graduate degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Besides having a strong academic background I believe I am a teacher with sensibility, passion and love for what I do. In my view, each student is a world of his or her own and, therefore, a one-size-fits-all methodology is insufficient. I enjoy being creative and adapting the known methodologies to each student or group, creating new, tailor-made, learning programs. At the same time, since I myself have studied seven foreign languages using various learning modalities, I have first hand experience on the different learning styles and ways of understanding my students may have.

I believe all of us can learn a new language, regardless of age, native language or available time, each one at their own pace and from their starting point. I will be there to support them at each step of the way. I feel highly motivated by each new student that requests my help, as each one brings a different challenge for me to face and overcome, which helps me grow.