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Spanish Boost Now Teaching Online

Hello! My name is Maru Gil. Spanish is my mother tongue and I am a university-qualified Spanish teacher. I had my own successful Spanish school in Spain until I moved to the UK. My family and I moved to Basingstoke in December 2019 after my husband was offered a new job near that town. I intend to open a new Spanish school here once the lockdown situation ends. In the meantime, I am offering online classes to adults.

Background and Experience

I have been teaching Spanish for over 20 years to students of many different ages and nationalities. I am not just another native speaker who has now had the brilliant idea of teaching Spanish online. This is what I have been doing all my life and I really love it. I specialised in teaching Spanish as a second language. I have a strong background in linguistics, classical languages, pedagogics and literature. I have studied Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, in addition to the teaching of Spanish as a first and second language, which means I can teach not only English speakers but also Spanish speakers at Spanish secondary schools and universities. And in addition to this solid academic background, I have specialised and worked mostly as a teacher of Spanish as a second language.

Weekday and Weekend Lessons Offered

At the moment, I am offering Spanish classes to adults using a special teaching methodology and program that I have designed myself. My lessons are currently available on both weekdays and weekends. Please contact me to inquire about my availability at your preferred times for learning.

Helping You Master Spanish, Both Spoken and Written

If you study with me you will have audio files you will be able to download and physical printed books which you will receive by post. These books are to be used during online classes and also to complete homework. I understand students are nowadays mostly interested in developing and strengthening their oral skills, so the method I created encourages your speaking and listening skills, but we will also work on reading comprehension and writing skills because mastering a language requires covering all four skills.

Adapting to Your Learning Style

I know from experience I can help you speak Spanish and ensure you feel confident enough to actually do it. I am committed to making that happen! I have a huge variety of resources and materials I have created myself during all these 20 years of teaching experience. I am particularly gifted at detecting students’ talents, so I always make changes to the lessons to adjust them to your learning style, so that you make the most of the time spent studying. Each new student is an exciting challenge for me. This is why I love teaching!!

Learn Spanish Online for a Specific Purpose

If you want to study Spanish for a specific purpose, such as Spanish for holidays, Spanish for business, Spanish for medical purposes, Spanish grammar reinforcement, or any other, we can either create a group if there are other students sharing the same interest or go for tailor-made classes. Regardless of which online course you initially choose, we can, later on, switch to face to face classes if you feel like it!

Group and Private Lessons

I am currently offering private, small group and large group classes, in 10-hour or 20-hour packs. See the prices here. If you want to try my classes before purchasing a pack, please contact me to discuss this possibility. 

Whether you are interested in group or private lessons, please send Maru a message stating your preferences.

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